Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Looking Back, Paying it Forward

Life's too short to be selfish or apathetic.  Two years ago, I read about something that I could do in order to help a cancer patient, but I didn't feel healthy enough to do so.  Someone on Twitter had retweeted a message from http://www.BeTheMatch.org (Twitter @bethematch) looking for donors.  I wanted to help, but there was a barrier.

Five years ago I felt old.  Too old - something was wrong.  Maybe it was stress.  It had to be stress, so I got a better job.  A year went by, but I still felt weaker.  I went to the doctor - again, and again - a specialist, then another.  Each one said they didn't know how to help me.  Same thing I'd gone through for almost 20 years. 

Two years ago, I saw myself in bleak health, with unknown causes and prognosis.  The detailed blood tests ordered by my doctor were scary.  There's no way I could donate marrow in that state - I was lucky to be walking around.

Two years ago, I didn't want to let someone down when they're at the end of their rope. That's when I started down a new path, using nutrition to rebuild the foundation.  As you've read on my blog, I've been steadily improving since that day.  I know what works.  Not only do I have more focus and energy, but I'm no longer getting sick every month.

So, back to the main topic...

Recent news has me concerned about rising cancer rates.  Chemical, environmental and radiation damage, for most people, aren't suddenly obvious.  People will have unseen damage to cells, perhaps damaged DNA.  They will have kids, and some may develop leukemia.  That got me thinking of how I can help - and I remembered Be The Match.

Today, I signed up as a donor for the National Marrow Donor Program.  In a week I'll get a cheek swab kit, and if my cell types match what someone needs, I'll get a call.  And I'll happily donate a little bit of my time to save a life.  Today I feel healthy enough that someone can depend on me and my cells.

Thank you Drs. Wentz, Wood, Cuomo, and the entire research team (http://www.usana.com/dotCom/difference/experts).  Something you did made a big difference.

If you feel well enough to donate bone marrow or blood cells to someone in desperate need, please visit http://www.bethematch.org.  The website will tell you all of the good, bad and in between about the process.

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