Saturday, August 22, 2009

Off to Convention

Ladies and gentlemen, I've gone off the deep end.

I'll be attending the USANA International Convention from Aug 26-29. Four whole days of immersion into the world of USANA - new products, sales training, meeting other distributors and leaders. A dinner here and there, an awards ceremony. I'm sure I'll be able to see the man who told me about USANA first, get a very high ranking award. From what I can see, he's been promoting the company nonstop and has developed a duplicatable system of training new associates everything they need to know about finding people interested in the products, the business, or both. The only variable, then, is desire: how badly do we want success? I want success, and I'm hoping the convention stirs that desire to a point that I go after it with the passion that the leaders have.

I will be tweeting (Twitter posting) from the convention at I've heard only great things about the convention, but I'm starting from a clear slate and will judge it on its own. I plan to be honest, straightforward, yet professional. I won't go bashing anything I don't agree with, but if it looks like 5,000 health nuts are turning the convention into a revival or Fellowship of the Sun meeting, I may just quietly duck out early. This is it: the inside view. I'll see the heart of USANA, far more detail than anyone can see on the internet. Anyone that knows me will tell you I have no capacity to lie, and no tolerance for deceit by others. If you want to know if USANA is the "real deal" then follow my Twitter account Aug 26-29.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

I'm a Believer

These lyrics started running through my head Friday:

And then I saw her face
Now I'm a believer
Not a trace
Of doubt in my mind
("I'm a Believer" by Smash Mouth)

Why? Because Friday I qualified for my first USANA commission check! In fact, I passed the first level, "Sharer" and qualified straight to the second level, "Believer." To top that, I was at a tech conference when I got a call to place a last-minute order that put me over the top. I didn't even need an office. Incidentally, because I've had three solid days of technical instruction on 20 different topics, plus two 8-hour drives, the tone of this post will be less humorous - only because I'm tired. Thankfully, I had a Rev3 energy drink to keep me awake on my way home.

You may recall that in my first attempt back in '97, I didn't do so well. Since then, I've learned to start treating this as a true business. A true business needs more than one person, and this time I have support from my USANA upline, in particular Lebby Salinas who you can find on Twitter here.

Here's your first lesson in sales - timing is everything. A million things happen in someone's day, and me approaching them about health issues will get the same priority as their choice for lunch: do they go out of their way to have a healthy salad, or are they in a hurry and just get a burger? Lots of people go 50 years eating burgers and running around in a hurry, never giving their health a second thought. I'm looking for the people who have stopped to think and realize there's a gap in their preventive healthcare plan. Which brings me to the next question:

Why am I doing this?

Why, if I have a great, well-paying job, am I selling vitamins? It goes far beyond that. First, I've said before that I see a tangible benefit from the USANA products. I believe almost everyone around me can benefit from them, because I see things in a new way: There's no reason for people (adults and kids) to get sick every week by whatever's "going around." The immune system is under constant assault like an under-supplied army. Give the troops more of the tools they need, and they'll win the war faster. With a more powerful immune system, a cold may either not start or will last half as long as it would otherwise. If I had unlimited money, I'd give these away to anyone that wanted them. TINSTAAFL.

Second, stuff happens. While I'm still doing the tech stuff that I love doing, the business will make a profit, and be another stream of income should the unthinkable happen. Through no fault of any one person or company, people simply lose their jobs. The recent economy troubles reminded me how fragile my position is. I've worked far too hard to resort to being a greeter at Wal-Mart because all the tech positions have dried up and I've got to have income immediately. Think about it, do you know anyone who's in a job they hate because they had to take it urgently rather than spend time to find the one they would love? Send them my way.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Nutrimeal Saved My Life

Ok, so the title sounds a bit extreme. Maybe it's an exaggeration, maybe not. My time machine's in the shop, so I'm just extrapolating.

Several months ago I went to the doctor with specific complaints of a general feeling of not-well-being. She listened, we discussed for over an hour, and we concluded that the doctors I'd seen for the past decade about this same thing had not taken enough time to listen to the full story. Thus, they were never prompted to run some tests that were more comprehensive than usual.

I won't divulge the details, but at our next meeting she showed me the full results, which were remarkably normal in the usual areas, but had the word "alert" in key places - while I was not in immediate danger today, there was evidence of a specific long term problem. She wanted to prescribe lots of medication and tests, but we discussed the fact that I'd been taking the USANA HealthPak for a few weeks and already feel a distinct improvement - which she also observed. We agreed that I would keep taking two prescriptions with the HealthPak and check in now and then. So far I'm doing much better than before, and the prognosis is a full recovery without drastic measures - although it may take a while for my body to heal itself. I need a way to take my prescriptions every day without swallowing pills.

So, this is how Nutrimeal Saved My Life:

  • On its own, it has more nutrition in one serving than I was getting all day six months ago. I'm confident what's on the label is really there, as bioavailable as modern science will allow.
  • I can practically inhale the Nutrimeal in 30 seconds, which is good because no matter how early I wake up, I arrive at work just 3 minutes before a meeting.
  • Because I often have trouble swallowing, I need to crush my medication including vitamins. Chocolate Nutrimeal has some sort of magical ingredient that neutralizes the taste of anything put into it. Granted, the heavenly Ovaltine-like flavor is also neutralized, but like a matter-antimatter reaction, the chocolate "takes one for the team."
  • All of this means I get my full dose of whatever's prescribed without fear of choking on a pill, thus I'm ten times more likely to take anything at all.

P.S. The HealthPak 100, when crushed into a very fine powder, can be inadvertently inhaled like Pixie Stix powder. Unlike Pixie Stix powder, the vitamins are completely safe and will not cause a burning sensation of nasal passages. Ask me how I know.